Help Create a Safe Haven for Underrepresented Youth with Rooted Friends Project Center

Rooted Friends Project Center is a vital pillar for developing community members in the Los Angeles County area with an overarching global goal to advance social and public welfare. Our mission is to empower underrepresented youth by providing access to resources in Career Services, Sports and Fitness, Nutrition, The Arts, Childcare, Mental Health, Cultural Development, and Inclusivity.

Our vision is to create a safe haven for children and youth, where they can access resources and opportunities to grow, learn, and thrive. The center will serve 3,000 children and create 325 living wage jobs. Our programs include:

By donating to Rooted Friends Project, you are helping to change the lives of whole communities by empowering them with resources to thrive. Every donation, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on our ability to achieve our mission. As a registered non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation today and supporting our efforts to create a safe haven for underrepresented youth.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Support Our Mission with Your Donation Today! 

Join us in our efforts to enrich the lives of underrepresented children by making a donation today! We are currently raising funds for our 2023 Events and your contribution can make a huge difference. Rooted Friends Project has been awarded the Candid Gold Seal of Transparency for the 2022 year, which means that we are committed to being accountable and transparent with our donors. All of your donations are tax deductible with our EIN 87-2930191. Check out our calendar here to see the upcoming events and programs that your donation will support. Donate now to help us make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the Los Angeles County area!